Global Card Issuing and Processing Engine

Lightning-fast cloud-native Debit, Credit, and Prepaid card issuing platform

Create new products quickly and respond to market changes before your competition.

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200msLightning fast processing
75k +Transactions/second
99.99%Industry-leading availability

Build in minutes, launch in weeks

Grow your business and launch new services at pace with prepaid, debit and credit cards connected to the world's largest payment networks.


Global Issuing Processing

Single and dual message authorizations for debit, pre-paid, and credit card processing

Zero-balance Network Integration

Connect your client’s account balance to Mastercard's

Dynamic Spend Controls

Complete controls per MCC, MID, Customer, Card, and more

Secure and Compliant Processing

HUBUC processor supports 3D secure, PCI DSS V3.2.1, SCA, and Processing authorization transactions in ISO-8583 format, all versions

Robust Cloud-based Architecture

High-end ISO switch infrastructure hosted for online authorization/reversal improves reliability with the real-time transaction process.

Clearing & Settlement Reporting

Transaction, Authorisation, MC Settlement, and MC parsed clearing reports delivered through API in JSON or raw formats.

Launch the Most wanted Card Products


Launch a Digital Bank

Instant launch branded and customised financial card products. Innovate faster then your competition, become a benchmark of Customer Experience using our Open APIs

Physical and Virtual Cards with Apple Pay

Instant issuing support

Cutting edge innovation & security with Dynamic CVV

Custom reporting tailored for your reconciliation

Virtual Travel Cards for OTAs

Generate 2% Cash-back revenue and don’t waste time handling payments across multiple travel providers such as airlines, cruises, and hotels. Automate payments for your inventory and connect purchases to customer orders to simplify reconciliations.

Unlimited Virtual Cards for better reconciliation

Multi-currency Cards to save FX fees

Unblock Liquidity with HUBUC RTSA (Real-time Streaming Auth)

Dynamic Card level settings for activation, spend velocity and limits


Corporate Expense Cards

Need to send your team to an urgent trip? Pay suppliers or cover fuel costs? No problem. Top up cards and set spending controls so you can meet the purpose of each use case, with ease.

Card level spending controls

Automatic reports for reconciliation

Multi-currency Cards for FX optimization

No pre-funding requirements

Employee Benefit Cards

Build the best employee benefits card program by seamlessly connecting employees to perks e.g fitness, childcare, meals and more.

Launch versatile benefits program

Cater to specific employee groups

Scale globally

Retain top talent

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