Make tax management as easy as ordering a taxi

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Create branded accounts and cards to fully automate your processes and create the most streamlined solution on the market.

Why embedded finance?

Full visibility

Eliminate needless admin by introducing your own branded cards to your clients.

No mistakes

There's no scope for manual errors when you have control of your customers' records.

New services

Offer personalized financial advice with in-depth revenue and expenses forecasts.

One ecosystem

Engage your customers permanently with IBAN accounts and expense cards.

Become a market leader

Tax Management Offer versatility

Go beyond simple tax management

Build an all-in-one tax and expense management solution that caters to the needs of local and foreign workforces.

Grow your services and monetize new services and features while eliminating customers' tax management challenges, for once and for all.

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Why choose HUBUC platform?

One Contract

No need to deal with multiple banks. Offer local accounts and cards in new markets with ease.

Modular Offering

Go beyond simple tax. Provide a comprehensive and personalized solution with branded cards and local accounts.


Build the perfect embedded financial services in a sandbox environment with simple documentation and integrations.

Growing with You

Expand your services in any market without the pains of looking for new tech and financial services providers.

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