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Seamlessly connect users to any products or services, such as fitness, childcare and meals. Scale globally to help attract and retain top talent.

Why embedded finance?

Maximize benefits

Create more value for your corporate clients by letting them combine payroll and benefits.

Full customization

Tailor your program and set budgets for each merchant category, all on one card.

No admin. No errors.

Create automated benefits verification with various merchant categories.

Global scalability

Grow easily and offer your benefits program in new markets.

Become a market leader

Employee benefits Broader benefits

Let your customers decide

Allow your clients to seamlessly distribute benefits according to the wish of their employees for mobility, fitness, restaurants and more.

HUBUC partners with the largest schemes like Visa and Mastercard so your cards are accepted everywhere.

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Why choose HUBUC platform?

Build at Pace

HUBUC's connection to financial services partners, payment and card schemes means you can deploy and scale your benefits offering easily.


Create a modular offering according to the requirements of your customers while using HUBUC core infrastructure globally.

One Contract

Forget dealing with multiple financial services partners. Get the entire benefit program built with just one contract.

Reliable Partner

We’ll guide you through the entire process of embedding financial services into your existing benefits offering.

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