Built-in physical and virtual cards

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Grow your business and launch new services at pace with prepaid, debit and credit cards which are connected to the world's largest payment networks.

Jeffrey Katzenberg backs the $10M seed round for HUBUC’s embedded finance API

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HUBUC became an official partner of the Mastercard Fintech Express program.

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New report identifies HUBUC as a leader in a fast growing embedded finance market.

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Mastercard collaborated with HUBUC to boost growth of companies in Europe.

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Modern card issuing

What you get

Physical cards

Offer branded Mastercard and Visa cards with the latest security features. Set limits for each card, in any currency.

Virtual cards

Use virtual prepaid cards to take full control of spending across the business. Enjoy instant card creation process and 1% cashback on all your operations.

Instant cards

Empower your business with HUBUC’s on-the-spot card issuing program. Secure, branded cards shipped in hours.


Create cards with any logo and with full spending controls so decisions can be automated and made in real-time.


Easily freeze, close, re-issue and activate cards. Take advantage of the latest card security features such as Dynamic CVVs.


HUBUC's plastic cards are not just good for your business. They're also better for the environment. All our cards are made with recycled plastic.

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